The Rise Of Cannabis Fine Dining

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Cannabis fine dining has gained worldwide attention as the two industries come together to create an experience well beyond a single sense. This new age culinary experience is making major strides to redefine biased stereotypes surrounding cannabis.

We talked with Chris Sayegh, Founder and CEO of The Herbal Chef, to learn more about cannabis fine dining. Sayegh is known as a pioneer within the industry, and revered as one of the best cannabis fine dining chefs in the world today.

What is cannabis fine dining?

Cannabis fine dining is the marriage of the high-end culinary world with cannabis science. Seasonal tasting menus prepared with the utmost diligence that culminated in 10 courses of bliss. Throughout the experience, we keep the dosage manageable so to impart a euphoric experience rather than one that may be overwhelming.

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Why do you think it is gaining so much popularity?

I think due to our philosophy and innovation it has played a huge role in the popularity of this niche has received.

What are important aspects to consider when trying cannabis fine dining?

Know your dosage and make sure the Chef knows how to properly dose or it can end in a regrettable evening. It’s important not to fall prey to gimmicks such as “joint pairings, strain-specific, and people claiming to serve approximate or very large doses.

Why did you start Herbal Chef?

To change the perception of cannabis into a more accepted form of medicine. Our main goal is to create a positive impact on the world, and we do that through food and cannabis.

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What is your favorite cannabis-infused recipe?

Stuffed grape leaves!

Who would you recommend try cannabis fine dining?

I would recommend anyone who truly enjoys food to try this heightened emotional dining experience.  It will change the way you view cannabis and enjoy the food.


About Christopher Sayegh:

cannabis fine dining Christopher SayeghAt his core, The Herbal Chef™ is a passionate science and biology student who turned to the chemistry of food, and herbs, to feed the intellectual side of his creations.  A walking brand full of charisma and charm, Christopher Sayegh has pioneered Cannabis Infused Fine-Dining in an effort to elevate the perception of marijuana through mainstream media. These dinners include art, music, fine wine and top-notch ingredients, simultaneously and effortlessly educating his audience while entertaining them at the same time.  

Currently, Chris is producing gourmet edibles, frozen CBD, and THC-infused dinners, as well as catered and private dinners.  With the innovation of Chris’ frozen, infused meals, coupled with two shows Chris is starring in that are currently in production, Chris has already been able to solidify his space as the #1 cannabis infusion chef in the world.