Why You Should Know Your Cannabis Is Coming From A Farm With Integrity

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Do you know your cannabis is coming from a farm with integrity? As more people are obtaining their medical marijuana card, the quantity of medical marijuana growth is skyrocketing. In this period within the industry, it’s key to consider where you are purchasing your medical marijuana from. The implications of mass consumption can have an effect on the quality, environment, and industry.

We talked with Jesse Peters, CEO of Eco Firma Farms, to learn more about why it’s important to know where our cannabis comes from, and why he has a mission to create the first carbon-neutral farm.

What is the purpose of Eco Firma Farms?

Our purpose is to provide high-quality cannabis to patients and adults. In doing so, we have a mission to reframe the way the industry views cultivation and the environment as a whole. Collectively, cultivators have the ability to be leaders and establish best practices in how we grow both indoor and outdoor cannabis while promoting the environment, our communities, enhancing the lives of our employees while leaving the planet better than we found it. It’s a true sustainability approach and it’s definitely a challenge, but we are up to that challenge.

What does a carbon neutral farm mean?

It means, from the time our employees arrive at the time they leave, we are carbon neutral in everything we do. Through recycling, power use, sustainable cultivation practices and more, we’ll get there. It will be a long road with many obstacles, but 100-percent attainable.

Why is Eco Firma Farms growing to become Oregon’s first carbon neutral farm?

We’re growing to be the first indoor carbon neutral farm because it’s the right thing to do. Regardless of how you feel about cannabis, it’s the right thing to do as humans. And, we believe in open source code—we should all strive to accomplish this, whether our crops are cannabis, food, or anything else.

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Why is it important to know where our cannabis comes from?

Our modern food and agriculture system didn’t fully develop with a focus on integrity and true sustainability. Today we can see the negative quality and environmental implications of this.

With cannabis, we have the opportunity to change things and lead the way. Regardless of what one can afford, income should not set expectations on integrity and quality. You need to know your cannabis is coming from a farm with integrity.

Why is it important for consumers to know about the sustainability and integrity practices of where their cannabis comes from?

know your cannabis is coming from a farm with integrity sustainabilityWe all have only one planet to live on—we have to take a stand to promote and preserve the planet, it means something. Like, when it comes to how our food is cultivated, we’re fixing decades of inefficient, polluting practices, but we can set the standards now when it comes to cannabis. And, perhaps we can create a template and transpose our sustainable practices back to the food industry.

Do you think the cannabis industry is heading in the right direction as far as sustainability goes?

There’s a collective energy in Oregon to promote and preserve our environment, communities, and resources. I think cannabis is going in the right direction there. But outside of Oregon, the number of places in the world that lack a culture of sustainability far outnumber those that do…and I think we’re slipping as a species. I think it’s easy for profits and financial survival to color our choices—that’s understandable. Although I wonder, with a little discipline and self-confidence, can we reset the bar across the board?

As a consumer, how can I ensure my cannabis is coming from a farm that practices sustainability, integrity, and quality assurance?

Research both the dispensary you’re buying from and the farm that’s providing the product you choose. It’s currently on the consumer to do their research. Any kind of farm, from food to cannabis, can make claims to get the consumer to buy. Do the research, look for guidance, and trust your instincts. The key is learning. Improve your understanding of cultivation and the products a little bit every day. Nobody’s perfect, but we can strive to be good humans and leave the world better than we found it. Start with that goal and let every day get better. There’s more power in that than many of us realize.

About Jesse Peters

Jesse Peters is the CEO of Eco Firma Farms. Eco Firma Farms provides top-shelf, artisan crafted cannabis while improving the conditions of those they employ, the environment, and their surrounding communities.

Peters is a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis PAC and the Oregon Cannabis Association. He’s testified to state and local legislators and worked with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission on rules governing cultivation regulation within Oregon. Through his work within the industry and by establishing Eco Firma Farms, Mr. Peters is a force behind the most recognizable cannabis cultivation brands within the state.

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