Medical Marijuana Edibles for Pain

medical marijuana edibles for pain

The world of marijuana edibles has undergone a drastic change in recent years. The once most well-known product, a homemade pastry with barely any idea of potency, is fading fast. In its place are products that are regulated, diverse, and treat an array of medical conditions. While some still come packed with sugar, sweets and other edibles are moving towards a product offering that is more refined and far from questionable. In the current market, it is more common to purchase products that appear similar to Nestle, Godiva and consumer packaged goods – not a black market connection’s latest confection.

Today, there are medical marijuana edibles for pain, depression, breathing issues and a slew of other needs. Edibles, like other ingestion methods, serve as an alternative to smoking medical marijuana. But why is it so popular? Let’s take a look at the expanding world of edibles for some answers.

Why Patients Turn to Edibles

rise of marijuana ediblesSmoking cannabis is declining in the marketplace. While flower will always have a place in consumers hearts and some lungs, patients and recreational users alike want healthier, less harsh consumption methods. Marijuana-infused edibles offer this alternative thanks to the wide variety of products a patient can consume. As mentioned above, brownies and cookies are just the tip of the edible iceberg. In recent years, the market expanded to offer medical marijuana edibles as:

  • Drinks
  • Pills
  • Snacks
  • Cooking Oils
  • Mints and so much more

A range of consumption options is far from the only reason why patients choose edibles. They also cite the treatment they receive. Depending on the case, an edible could provide the ideal aid for those in need of more prolonged, sustained effects. Additionally, those not in need of immediate pain relief choose edibles for the slow-acting effects that can take 30 minutes to over an hour as the cannabis digests into the bloodstream.

Patients also prefer edibles for the immense healing effects it has on their minds and bodies. However, an overwhelming dosage can be counterproductive. When starting out, a helpful beginner’s edible tip would be to start slow. If you do find yourself feeling the effects too much, cannabidiol (CBD) helps offset the THC in many cases.

CBD Structure
CBD Structure

Speaking of CBD, edibles containing high doses of cannabidiol have properties that can ease numerous medical conditions as well. Combined with the growing market for healthier edible options, it is no surprise that the expansive world of edibles is popular with consumers. In Oregon, California and more medical marijuana states, edibles are making up a growing market share. The trend appears to indicate that patients in other states will often make the same choice.

Treating Medical Conditions with Edibles

Today, a growing number of patients rely on edibles to ease their pains and worries throughout the day. Some conditions may even surprise you. For example, Crohn’s Disease affects the gastrointestinal tract through inflammation. Though adding food to an irritated stomach may seem troublesome, your edible can help provide needed cannabinoids to your stomach.

mmj and chronic pain

Edibles can also treat severe pains that upend a person’s day. Chronic pain and cancer patients have long advocated for medical marijuana use. Both groups note an edible’s ability to provide them pain relief over an extended period of time, enhancing their daily quality of life. Other pains that edibles tend to ease include:

Beyond pain, edibles are also well-known for working as a sleep aid and can aid a range of everyday issues including breathing problems and even the common cold.

Edibles for Beginners and Beyond: A Lot More Than Sweets

marijuana edibleTreating medical conditions with edibles has never been more of a viable option than today. Depending on your medical condition, edibles can be a wise choice. However, your medical marijuana edibles for pain might not be the best choice for your loved one or a friend that has a different ailment. Be sure to consult with your physician or medical professional to determine the best treatment method whenever possible.

Medical conditions are far from the only factor that steers your edible preference. Your taste buds also play a massive part! Taking a look at GreenState’s 2018 Cannabis Awards and it’s clear that you can have just about any edible you can conceive. Categories from healthy treats to flavors like sweet and savory have their own award categories.

Each category and consumption method offers a world of potential in flavor and health options for patients in need. However, treating conditions with edibles requires using the correct method to receive the ideal experience. For example, chronic pain sufferers often find relief from drinks, especially tea. By drinking cannabis, the slower acting process stays in the body longer, hopefully reducing the daily amount of treatment a patient requires. Additionally, patients often come away satisfied with tinctures, sprays and cooking oils. Expect to feel the effects much sooner when using a tincture compared to an edible you cooked in medical marijuana oil.

Medical Marijuana Edibles for Pain are Changing Treatment

Today, patients can benefit from the expanding edibles market just as recreational consumers have through high-end products and dining parties. At this point, edibles appear to be the choice of a growing number of consumers across all buying demographics. With smoking on the decline, edibles stand to receive an increasing share of the market of patients and adult use consumers.

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